Moyo (NL)

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Feisty, juicy, full of energy, but most importantly just bangin’. MOYO was founded in 2018 by Mila Stips and Yaniv de Jong. The lead singer and guitarist commence writing contemporary eccentric music, and within no time: meet MOYO.

Together the band starts writing, enthusiasm and spirit lead to the first official announcing of the band MOYO in march 2019. In a packed café in Amsterdam a successful year finds it kickoff for this promising bunch. Their schedule is soon flooded, aside from stages such as Parkpop and Bevrijdingsfestival, these cool kids do not forget their beloved The Hague, and are regularly found jamming at their local “PAARD”

Somewhere in between indie-pop and alternative psychedelic pop-rock, MOYO finds itself to be a breath of fresh air within mainstream ‘radio-pop’. Their music consists of an interesting mix of rugged guitars and edgy synthesizer melodies; add metaphorical and distinctive arrangements and ‘the MOYO-package’ is complete.

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