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Loveth (NL)

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Loveth Besamoh is a talented producer and songwriter from Den Haag and Rotterdam. He migrated to the Netherlands from Cameroon in 2014 where he consolidated his love for music.

Loveth grew up in a very musical and rhythmic environment. He played percussion at church and boarding school which served as a good rhythmic background. It was in the Netherlands that he got exposed to music genres he had never heard of before in Cameroon. All these new sounds coupled with his rhythmic background in Cameroon inspired him to create his own music

He taught himself guitar and began his journey as a songwriter. He later went on to start and play in a number of bands to date. Some notable bands Loveth plays in are Lorne and Bed. On the side, Loveth experimented with music production in his bedroom where he learned the basics of recording and production. To further these skills, he enrolled at Albeda music production where he currently studies music production. His passion for music isn’t only limited to producing music as he has also gone on to start a multimedia platform called Fuzz where they showcase upcoming talents from around the country.

Besamoh’s music is a merger of genres ranging from Electronica, afro rock, jazz, post-punk, soul, and rhythms he grew up listening to and playing in church back in Cameroon. Loveth tries to bring his roots back in all his productions. Loveth blends and shifts genres with ease to create his psych brand of music.

He started his solo project called Loveth Besamoh during the start of the pandemic and went on to write and produce a number of singles and EP in his studio apartment in Den Haag. Satisfied with his first project Loveth put together an Eclectic band to help him play live.

The Loveth Besamoh band went on to play a number of gigs and festivals including North Sea Round Town, and Fyre XR. There is also a tour, EP, visuals, singles, and video clips currently in the works for 2022. He has also begun work on his debut album with a date still to be announced.

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