Bed (PE/NL)

Bed at Riot Bookings - The Hague
BED is a freshly formed psychedelic dream pop band from Rotterdam. With their beautiful mix of melancholic, dreamy and contrasting abrasive textures, they can leave you in a soothing trance. BED is Influenced by bands such as Cocteau Twins, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Beach House.

Fuzzy Teeth (NL)

Fuzzy Teeth at Riot Bookings - The Hague

From whisper-soft and fragile to raw and in-your-face. Electronic vibes, combined with electric guitars. Sensitively fragile and acoustic. Lo-fi sounds and bedroom vocals. Guitarist and songwriter Anthony Koenn releases his own work by the name FUZZY TEETH.

Inbranders (NL)

Inbranders at Riot Bookings - The Hague

The kings of the underground are back! And better than ever before, during the lockdown they haven’t been sitting still and they have been busy renewing their sound.

Niko (NL)

Niko at Riot Bookings - The Hague

With Niko you can expect solid indie songs coated in 70’s glam and 00’s rock. This Dutch band (previously a solo project that began while living in LA) was born with the release of their EP You Might Like It, But I Might Just Hate It in 2018.

Loveth (NL)

Loveth at Riot Bookings - The Hague

Loveth Besamoh is a talented producer and songwriter from Den Haag and Rotterdam. He migrated to the Netherlands from Cameroon in 2014 where he consolidated his love for music.

Sol Power (UK/NL)

Sol Power from Amsterdam makes energetic, unpredictable pop songs. Humor, hook & harmony is the motto, and with that the foursome of Taymir and Max Meser alumni has well grasped their goal of breaking the mold.


Thames is a brand new Post-Punk/New Wave band based around lead singer & guitarist Merlyn Baartman. With family ties to Suffolk, England he is no stranger to the British and Irish punk & new wave influences (i.e. The Cure, Fontaines D.C. and IDLES).